Sunday, May 17, 2015

Thrifting for Mother's Day

Hi all! Hope you are enjoying a lovely May. It's finally getting warm in our area. :) I wanted to share about how I thrifted my mom's Mother's Day gift this year. I really wanted to get her a Stitch Fix shipment. I love the idea of being surprised by a fun package of goodies specifically chosen for you by a stylist. My frugal nature started thinking and I decided to challenge myself and see if I could put together a "Thrift Fix" for my mom instead. So I took the $20 styling fee I would have paid to Stitch Fix and went to Goodwill instead. Here's what I got her for a grand total of $20.62.

Black and white Christopher and Banks tiered maxi skirt

Black, white, plum, and tan White House Black Market tunic

Pastel floral Croft and Barrow tee

Navy and gray hooded Sonoma open cardigan

Yellow, turquoise, black, and white floral East 5th tunic

  • The price of course! I got her some great brands for not much money.
  • Lots of choices - I was able to get some specific pieces like tunics and a maxi skirt that I knew she would like.
  • Access to brands that we don't have in our area, such as White House Black Market
  • Ethically responsible in that it supports local individuals working at Goodwill as well as gives items a second life instead of buying new items.
  • It took many more trips (and time) than I anticipated. Normally, I browse and if I find something, great, and if I don't, that's ok, too. This time there was a lot more pressure to find things in time for Mother's Day!
  • The tunics smelled very strongly of perfume, which due to asthma is something my mom can't deal with. My wonderful husband helped by washing them several times alternating baking soda and white vinegar in order to neutralize the scent. Eventually, the perfume smell was eliminated, but it took a number of washings!
Overall, this was a fun experience and I might try it again. I would definitely start earlier! I've been sharing some recent Goodwill and garage sale bargains over on Instagram. Have you been going to any garage sales or found any bargains?

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Clothing Budget

April Budget

This month was a strange one in terms of shopping for me. Lots of thrifting, but many misses, too. I definitely spent more than $50, but I sold quite a bit on Ebay after doing a closet clean out, so it evened out the actual out of pocket spending. I wasn't able to find too many photos of my items this time since I thrifted so much. So on to the budget!

First up is Goodwill:
  • Bright blue Nike dual fusion running shoes (worn here)
  • Aqua knit Old Navy scarf (ended up having a hole) 
  • Aqua Lands' End dress
  • Red Sonoma popover blouse (worn here)
  • Cream and black Merona sequined shell (the sequins itched me, so sold this on Ebay)
  • Black 3/4 Chico's button up blouse
  • Teal ponte New York and Company skirt
  • Yellow paisley Old Navy blouse (worn here)
  • Navy Merona satchel (loved this, but it didn't hold up well - showed all kinds of wear and scuffed easily)
  • Sonoma tan skirt (didn't end up working for me)
  • Hot pink and orange JCP polka dot button up
  • J Crew denim pencil skirt (worn here)
I thrifted 12 pieces from Goodwill and kept 8. My favorite find was by far the Nikes - they are in perfect shape and so comfy. I also really like the black Chico's top, the paisley Old Navy top, the denim pencil skirt, and the teal ponte skirt as well.

Total spent at Goodwill:  $44.11

  • 2 scarves at Maurices: $6.30
  • Olive Gap skinny pants from Twice: $12.43 (affiliate link)
  • Ashley tee from Elegantees: $18.00 (use code CARLY to get free shipping on any order, plus they are running a sale through May 1)
  • Black and white polka dot jogger pants from Meijer: $5.28
  • Relic bird tote from Kohl's: $4.13
  • Floral Chaps skirt (new with tags) from a garage sale: $0.50
Total spent in April:  $90.75

Total sold on Ebay or to Plato's Closet: $44.78

Out of pocket for April: $45.97

I bought a lot this month. My favorites are the green skinnies, Nike shoes, the Ashley tee, and the Relic tote. I was super excited to find a couple skirts, especially the J. Crew one! I really would like to buy fewer items in May. I am not planning to thrift as much, but we will see. I'd like to get some items off my list such as:
  • Brown sandals
  • Cognac flats or wedges 
  • Black ankle pants 
  • Colored pants
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Book Review: After a Fashion

After a Fashion by Jen Turano is the first book I've read by the author. The book is the story of Harriet Peabody, a young lady trying to support herself by working in a millinery shop, while trying to get to the point where she can open her own clothing store. Mr. Oliver Addleshaw is a well-known, extremely wealthy man. The unlikely pair meet through even more unlikely circumstances and are thrown together when Oliver makes Harriet an offer she can't refuse.

Oliver strives to make a good impression on his potential business partner through his alliance with Harriet, but she quickly learns that she can't fit into his world. A series of surprising events changes the relationship between Harriet and Oliver and into something neither one could have imagined. This historical fiction novel is fast-paced and fun as well as full of mystery and storyline twists and turns. I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoys historical fiction, especially those that are quirky and a little out of the ordinary.

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for this review; all opinions are my own.

Friday, March 27, 2015

March Clothing Budget

Time for another budget roundup! At the end of February, I won a $50 gift card from Ma Nouvelle Mode and Still Being Molly for participating in their 7x7 Remix. So this month, I had $100 total to spend on clothes. I also had quite a few promo gift cards from Kohl's and Old Navy that I used toward some different purchases. Here's what I bought this month!

March Budget

  • Orange bib necklace (seen here) - Free by using $5 GC
  • Purple and gold bracelet - $0.21 after $5 GC
  • Cropped Sonoma khakis and Gold LC earrings - $10.03
  • Undergarments - $9.70
  • Black Liz Claiborne coat - $22.41
  • Black sunglasses and tan cardigan - $12.76
Old Navy
  • Tank tops - Purchased with ON rewards cash
  • Leopard print Aerosoles sandals (seen here) - $4.58
  • Purple print Merona dress (worn here) - $2.83
  • Anchor print cropped Old Navy pants (seen here) - $4.58
  • Olive Christopher and Banks vest (seen here) - $4.58
The Root Collective
  • Navy, gray, and cream woven scarf (worn here) - $15.60
I Am Just One 
 Total spent: $99.33

Let's see...the khakis, black sunglasses, and tan cardigan were all replacement pieces for things that had worn out. I finally got some new tanks and underwear. For whatever reason, I don't like to spend money of these things, but I really needed them. I have gotten far too much wear out of the black winter coat already. I love it and it's still been pretty cold here in Ohio, so I've needed it. Thrifting has also continued to be good to me. :) I was excited to find the print pants, olive vest, sandals, and purple dress.

I think I am most pleased that I did a lot of research on ethical companies and those that give back or partner with small businesses in economically disadvantaged areas and I finally made some purchases from these companies! I am excited to know more about the stories behind these pieces and have a list of other places I'd like to purchase from in the future. The Root Collective scarf I bought is absolutely beautiful and I also bought a second one to give as a gift. Plus, their shoes are just lovely and so stylish! The bracelet from I Am Just One was created by women in Kenya and I love knowing where it was made. I also became a style ambassador for Elegantees (use code CARLY for free shipping on any order) and am planning some of my future months' purchases from there. The shirts, skirts, and dresses from Elegantees are sewn by victims of human trafficking. (Just to clarify, I'm spending my own money at these places.) Check out my Purchase with Purpose Pinterest board for some of my ideas.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Colored Pants for Spring

Colored Pants for Spring (Under $30)!

I was so inspired by the post today from Alison at Get Your Pretty On that I did some online shopping for dressier colored pants for spring. since I can't wear jeans to work. I found all these options for under $30! I may order the jade green ones in the lower right hand corner. Which color is your favorite?


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